Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Happy New Year! Looking ahead to 2021

 I have decided this year to shift my creative focus away from stand alone exhibition pieces and want to write and illustrate a book. I am really looking forward to the challenge of creating a cohesive body of work that flows from one painting to the next keeping a similar style for all. I am also enjoying formulating the story in my mind that will be told through the paintings and the words that will accompany them.

My protagonist for the book will be an origami butterfly which is so fun as I actually get to create her myself so there is no need for me meet other people to get reference photos (very useful since we are back in lockdown as everything I need to do can be done from the safety of my house and garden.) My studio table  at the moment is filled with folded pieces of paper  as I learn how to create my paper butterfly and sketches of painting ideas  and excerpts of writing as I work on the first part of the story.  My studio wall is also decorated with completed 3D paper butterflies that I can use for references and just to make the room look cheerful.

Hope you all have created some fun plans for 2021 too.  Many of us may be in lockdown or needing to be home more right now but there is so much we can still do. 


  1. Your new project is so exciting! I illustrated one book one time and enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see yours! I know it will be so beautiful! Enjoy the process of bringing your vision together!!


  2. What a great idea Ona! Enjoy the ride!

    All the best,


  3. Happy 2021 Ona,
    It sounds as though your artist' studio will be filled with flutterbies before Spring arrives.
    Keep safe, keep creating.