Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gallery Wrapped Watercolour!

I've fixed and varnished the painting today. I'm pleased with the effect. Its certainly a different way of presenting a painting.

I hung it on our wall so you could see the effect. I used satin varnish to give the painting that slight sheen and to bring out the texture of the watercolour paper. Ideally I would put the painting in a floater frame for a bit more protection but I will have to get one cut to size as I didnt have one that would fit to hand.
Stretching the paper over canvas stretcher bars is certainly a technique I am going to continue to explore.


  1. Very interesting watercolor presentation, Ona. I would love to know how it stands up over time. I am also investigating ways to present watercolors without framing.

  2. This turned out beautifully, Ona. May I ask which fixative and brand of varnish you used? I'm also looking for ways to avoid framing and matting my work.

  3. Billie I used a fixative first and then liquitex acrylic satin varnish. They also make varnishes in mat and gloss but I havent experimented with those yet. The satin works well though at emphasizing the texture of the watercoilour paper without causing too much glare.