Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dear Angel

 Life is full of quiet moments that only you and your angels share. Times when you  ask  for their guidance or just need a moment to gather your thoughts and seek reassurance that you are on the right path. Times when you feel remorse for something you know you could have handled better and want to find the best way to say sorry.

Transparent Watercolour 30 by 19 inches

Having a guardian angel with us can be an enormous comfort. Some people believe that their guardian angel is a spiritual being who looks out for their well-being, many believe it is a deceased loved one who offers guidance during times of need, a few, like me, believe it is your own inner conscience, within you always, if you just allow yourself to listen. Whatever you believe, it is good to feel you are never truly alone.

I am still pondering over a title for this painting. Any ideas will be very gratefully received.


  1. You are such a gift Ona. Your paintings trigger so many treasured memories in us. Thank you


  2. Beautiful, Ona