Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Thinking Cap

 With all the hate and animosity on the web and news at the moment I do wonder about how this is affecting our children and how they think and feel about what is happening.

'My Thinking Cap' Transparent Watercolour 24 by 16 inches

 I wanted to capture this in a painting. In the background I have written quotes about love and hate, racism versus tolerance of others, good and evil. The child thinks about these things. They become part of him and how he views the world and the people in it.

 In front of him is largely a blank canvas representing the future. As he stares ahead he will, over time form his own thoughts and this empty space will be filled in.

 Please be kind to others and not hateful towards those who do not feel the same way as you. Show some tolerance, love and understanding of others thoughts and beliefs so our children learn by our example and fill the years ahead of them with love, understanding and tolerance too.

Careful the things you say 
 Children will listen 
Careful the things you do 
Children will see And learn 
Guide them along the way 
 Children will glisten 
Children will look to you 
For which way to turn 
To learn what to be 
Careful before you say 
"Listen to me" 
Children will listen 
 (from Disney's Into the Woods)

I love the idea behind this painting but for some reason I am not totally happy with the way it's turned out. Something is wrong. I think I will just put it away for a while and then maybe look again in a couple of weeks. So for now I'm calling it done but we will see.... I will let you know if I decide to make any changes.


  1. Such an important message beautifully painted.


  2. this is an amazing piece of Art.
    It is sad to see that there is so much bad stuff going on all over the world.
    we,humans;need to be more understanding and accepting of other cultures. we were created all the same,just different colors and languages...
    your beautiful Art is inspiring,that's what we all need in this difficult times...inspiration and hope that good things will happen.