Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thought Bubbles

Our thoughts are like soap bubbles floating in a gentle breeze on a summer’s day. Some are large, like dreams that glisten full of hope and promise. Others are smaller and less flamboyant but perfectly formed.  

Just like our thoughts, the fragile beauty of each rainbow coloured liquid orb is fascinating. For a short time they are a floating miracle, until they are no more.  Nothing is permanent, and like our thoughts and dreams, all things change.

Thank you for all your lovely ideas over the past few days about what the child might be thinking. I have a very creative group of friends. I will leave it to your imaginations to decide what thoughts she has in each bubble. (Transparent Watercolour 28.5 by 18 inches.)

Soap Bubbles are such fun to paint. This 10 minute video shows me painting a simplified version of the bubbles I created in the painting above. It isnt an instructional video. It was simply a first attempt at videoing me painting. I am really happy with the mount that my husband has made for the video camera so it can be suspended right over my painting area but we do need to work on better lighting as the glare from the wet paper is distracting and the colours are quite dull. Nevertheless I thought you might enjoy seeing my very first video attempt. (If you are subscribed to my blog e mail notification and are reading this as an e mail you will need to go to the blog if you would like to see the video)



  1. that two ended brush is very cool, I am sure I would end up putting paint on the wrong end. I often use two brushes switching hands as I paint. I enjoyed watching the video.

  2. Thank you for posting this video, and I hope for more to come! I feel like there is so much to learn from you. What is the big brush that you use?

  3. It's a W&N 240 series goat hair mop brush Rebecca. I hope to create some actual teaching videos by the end of the year mostly for my tutoring but some maybe for sale publically. at the moment while I am trying out the best way to video I am just going to be doing odd snippits like this as i paint :) Glad you enjoyed it