Sunday, December 13, 2015

Photo's from Holiday Spectacular on the Hill

It is very hard to capture the spirit of an evening such as from 'The Holiday spectacular on the Hill' in just a few photos. I wish you could have heard the beautiful holiday themed music that was conducted by artistic director Jessica Kun and played by the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra too.

 Many of my paintings were projected behind the orchestra as they played. The choices of which paintings were showcased when was beautifully done. Jessica and her creative director Cathy Clarke really had thought about the mood of the music and each painting seemed to match the mood so well. The transitions between each painting were so nicely done too.

Below are just 4 photo's from the evening.  Look at how festive the Orchestra looked. I love the little Santa hats on the tops of the cellos.

I hope this gives you just a taster of the evening. Thank you to the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra for such a wonderful opportunity.



  1. What a happy blending of art and music!