Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Richmond Hill Studio Tour Weekend

Thank you to everyone who visited me over the weekend. It was lovely to see so many. For those of you who were too far away to visit here are a few photo's as requested.

The old farmhouse on Richmond Green, Boynton House, was decorated with Balloons by Twisted Inflations 

Just inside the front door to the right was my room.

 Over the weekend various musicians played live music. Thank you to Sarah and Oulu


 and lastly Velma, Nancy and Jeff from the Richmond Hill Philharmonic. Your music added so much to the experience for my visitors.

 For those of you who were able to attend and took part in my ballot the winner was Sandra. She selected her free print prize this morning and is pictured here in her home with her chosen print.

Thanks again to everyone who took an interest in my work. For those of you that were curious to know the results of the votes when I asked each of my 200 visitors to choose their favourite painting. I was amazed how close the results were at the top with only 2 votes separating the top 7 paintings!!!

On the Wings of Song ..................20 votes
Giocoso............................................19 votes
Don't Fret...........................................19 votes
Sugar sugar.......................................19 votes
Acceso................................................18 votes
Heart Strings......................................18 votes
Love makes the World Go Round.... 18 votes


Sunday, October 11, 2015


I was featured recently on the Richmond Hill Studio Tour Blog 'Art on the Hill'  as part of the promotion for the Studio Tour this coming weekend. I thought you might enjoy reading it too.

"Ona Kingdon is an internationally award winning watercolour artist and will be in the front East room at Boynton House, 1300 Elgin Mills Rd on Richmond Green on the 16th, 17th and 18th October for the Studio Tour this year.

Ona loves being able to create a story or capture feeling through her art….  

“Every blank piece of paper I use feels full of hope and promise. Sometimes I am inspired by music I hear or a phrase or lyrics from a song and this sparks ideas. Other times it’s as simple as a feeling or emotion that inspires me. 

 Although I usually have a very clear idea in my mind from the onset what I want to create, the painting journey is full of times when I am unsure of how to proceed, times when I need to stop and think, or times when I make a mistake and have to decide whether to live with it and use it or to find a way to remove it.”

 From initial reference photo to the finished framed painting, this composite photo outlines the journey of the creation of Ona’s painting ‘Heart Strings’

“ As a fellow watercolourist said to me recently: Watercolour is such a delicate and unforgiving medium but the trials during each painting journey often seem to enhance that feeling of accomplishment at the finish line.... It’s this journey that I love the most.” 

  We wondered if Ona had a favourite painting that she had created…

 “There are a couple that I am attached to for sentimental reasons (usually those of my children) but generally my favourite changes with each painting I do because what I love most is the process of creation. There is nothing quite like taking an idea only I can clearly see in my mind and capturing the essence of it on paper so that others can share in the emotions or story attached to it.”

 In this photo Ona is painting the watercolour ‘Sugar sugar’ watched by one of the hummingbirds as she carefully paints each note of the song in the background.

During this year’s Studio Tour Ona will have many of her music series watercolours for us to see. She says:

 “I love how you can be having such a dismal day, you hear a piece of music and it can uplift you. Equally it can calm or energize you too, so in my music series I set about finding ways to capture visually the many different ways music touches us. For example, in Sognando I wanted to capture that almost dream like feeling when music transports you to another dimension" 

Both Zayn and Sarah, the musicians in the photos above will be playing live at Boynton House during this years Studio Tour. Several of Sarah’s fellow musicians from the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra will also be joining her. It promises to be a great event.

 "I am really excited that some of the musicians that helped inspire my paintings are going to be with me on the Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoon of the Studio Tour playing live music for us all. They are also bringing some of their musician friends so not only will my visitors be able to see the art but also hear some of the music that inspired me to create it.”

Check out the brochure for location info, dates and times of the Studio Tour!"

I have also had a painting featured on the TAVES consumer Electronic show web page. The show will take place at the end of the month and will have a few paintings on display there the weekend of October 30-November 1

Hope to see some of you at one of these events.