Saturday, September 12, 2015


 I have been working over the last week on a new music series painting and have really enjoyed creating the sense of light on my subjects face. I love the luminosity of transparent watercolour and the way it allows you to capture light in a painting. In my opinion no other medium can compete.

My inspiration for this painting is a quote by the singer Dido" Music is a way to dream and to go to a different dimension". I wanted to try to capture this idea in my background so decided to paint some written music disappearing off into the far distant stars as a backdrop to my subject. Just as sound travels through the air, our minds travel with it as we listen to music. Whether you are listening to or playing music, it can transport you into another dimension.

Any guesses what instrument my subject is going to be playing? or indeed what music he is playing? (there is a clue in the background for those that can read music)



  1. I love the atmospheric background. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and progress.


    1. You are welcome Sally. Glad you enjoy the posts