Sunday, August 16, 2015


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me painting at Aurora Public Library for Doors Open Aurora. Here is my finished painting:


The small furry bear ‘Incriminate-Ted’ who was caught stealing maple syrup has been Incarcerate-Ted! The judge said the bear’s actions were “selfishly gluttonous” as he sentenced the small bear to 2 years in prison.

Poor Incarcerate-Ted is feeling blue and needs your help!!! Do you agree with the judges decision? If you don’t please either let me know a really clever case for appeal or an ingenious way for him to escape captivity so we can get him out of prison.  

Will Ted be ‘ Vindicate-Ted’ ‘Bust-Ted’ ? It’s up to you.  Let me know your ideas.

Thank you Patricia Duke for taking this photo of me painting at the library and sending it to me.



  1. Poor Ted! I imagine that Ted's trial by judge was unconstitutional. He should have had a trial with a jury of his 'peers'. As I doubt that 12 teddy bears could be found for the jury, Ted's case would have to be thrown out and Ted would be released. The painting is wonderful!

  2. I had this wonderful response from Deb Ward which she has kindly said I can share so you can all enjoy it too

    Dear Ona,

    Well, we certainly can’t have Ted in jail for TWO YEARS! What would you paint? How could you do without him? What can we do to end this travesty of justice?

    Why – get him some really good lawyers, and I know just the firm!

    Law Offices of
    Cheatem & Sueem
    Dewey Cheatem Uriah Swindler
    Ivana Sueem Ira Shark

    (Days pass and Ona has secured Poor Ted’s legal representation).

    Once a court date was secured, Ona appeared in Court as Ted’s sole guardian. She explained to the judge that, if Ted was Incarcera-Ted, she would have no income since painting him in various scenarios is her sole livelihood. Without him she would become destitute and homeless. Besides that, Ted is usually a very good Bear who doesn’t mean any harm.

    After reviewing files in which Ted was found to be Intoxicate-Ted and Inebriate-Ted, not to mention Distort-Ted, upon further delibearation the judge remanded Ted to her sole custody, provided he wear an ankle bracelet and report to his Parole Officer on a timely basis.

    Once again, the law firm of Cheatem and Sueem prevails in the name of Justice!

    And Ted is Vindicate-Ted!

    Isn't it great?

  3. To everyone that has sent me ideas, Thank you