Sunday, July 12, 2015

Flight of the Imagination

I really enjoy creating imaginative paintings such as this but I am now struggling to think of a title.
'Flight of the imagination'? This was the only idea I had. Let me know if you think of any good ideas.

Even after many hours painting this the baby's delighted expression still makes me smile.



  1. So charming! My first thought was "Magic" but then I thought "Through a Child's eyes". I find that coming up with titles is harder than the actual painting - lol.

    1. Yes I fnd them hard too which if why i often start with the title because then that's the hardest part done :) Thanks for the ideas

  2. 'Flights of Fancy'?

    When my youngest granddaughter was very young she had problems pronouncing Butterflies and Hedgehogs. She called them Bugger Flies and Wigwogs. So for the last 20 years my son's company has been called BWW Ltd.

  3. W O W!!! You are AMAZING! I want to paint as well as you when I grow up!!!
    Flights of Fancy was a title I used on one of my paintings - I'd be honored if that was the one you used!

  4. Thank you both for your lovely ideas :)