Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TWSA awards dinner

It was wonderful to see so many good friends and amazing artists at the Transparent Watercolor Society of America Celebration weekend and dinner in Kenosha this past weekend. It was a special moment for me and several of my wonderful friends Saturday evening when we received our signatures at the annual dinner.

Here are some more photos from the weekend. I am on the left with Chihro Yabe, Marilyn Wear and Jane Freeman

 From left to right, Me, Cindy Agan, Mary Jansen, Chihiro Yabe, Chris Beck, Marilyn Wear, Janet Belich, Carolyn Sommer and Kaaren Oreck

A whole bunch of us celebrating together

John Salminen and I

John Salminen, Chihiro Yabe and I

Cindy Agan and I

Jane freeman, Tuva Stephens and Janet Belich

Mary Jansen Marilyn Wear and I

and me with my painting from the exhibition

 I am so proud to be part of this wonderful organisation and to be able to sign TWSA after my name.



  1. Wonderful photos, and huge congratulations. Such an honour for all your hard work. You go girl!!

  2. Oh I'm so pleased for you, Ona ... all this for doing what you love doing ... it doesn't get any better than this.

  3. Thank you John and Yes you are right :)

  4. Congratulations - well deserved!