Friday, June 5, 2015

Midnight Blues

It was great fun playing with light and dark in this painting and using the bell of the saxophone to create a misty dramatically lit stage for my saxophone player. I really enjoyed creating the concept for this painting. I used the lyrics from the Gary Moore song Midnight Blues as my stepping stone. I know Gary plays the guitar not the saxophone but it was more the emotions in the lyrics that inspired me.
When the shadows fall
I feel the night closin' in
There must be some reason
For this mood I'm gettin' in
Can't get no sleep
Don't know what to do
I've got those midnight blues

It was a great excuse to use all the different blues and purples on my palette too.



  1. Ona,
    The painting is beautiful!!
    You are amazing with your artistic talent. What you do with paint and paper is truly a gift.

  2. This is spectacular. I just love the detail, but it's the combination of colour, mood, and such an original concept ... nothing but admiration.

    This one's (another) winner.

  3. Beautifully rendered - love the small portrait of the sax player - unexpected!