Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Acceso WIP 1

I can't believe it's December already. This year is flying by. I have been working on a new watercolour over the past week. It took me 3 days and 27 glazes to build up the background. My subject is Sarah the violinist who I also used for my painting 'Heart Strings'. She is a great model. Heart Strings was all about the quiet inner thoughts as you play on your own and reach that moment when the music can just fly away and you are at one with it. I want this painting to have a very different feel to it. I want it to be full of energy and life with a real sense of movement. 

I've been listening to the music of Lindsey Stirling as I am working on this. It really helps me to get into the feel of what I want the mood of the painting to be. As you can see from the WIP photo I have now basically done Sarah's face, just the odd tweak here and there so I am now beginning work on her beautiful red hair. I am going to have some fun with the hair. If any of you know musical terms, the word 'Acceso' might give you a clue as to what I am planning to do with the hair.



  1. You have been one of the reasons I began painting (at 76), Ona. I loved the way you wove 'stories' into your work.

    I've reached painting #40 and portrait #3. But I find that if I play music as I paint ... I get lost in the music and forget to paint :0) So it's silence for me!

    This WIP is coming along brilliantly, i look forward to the next posting

  2. Hi John. I have to have the right music or, like you say, it is a distraction but with the right music that helps set the mood I am lost in the atmosphere of the painting. I am so glad you are enjoying painting too :)

  3. A gentleman at our watercolor society showed me your work after I told him I was painting some teddy bears. He said "then you have got to see this woman's work" and went to get his phone to show me. I'm now adding your blog to my roll so as not to miss anything you are doing. You are an amazing artist.

    1. Thank you for letting me know how you found me Deb. Yes, I have a Ted series. They have been a lot of fun to do. I am so glad you like my work and will follow what I do through this blog. Best Wishes