Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rockin Robin

Ok, I know, he's not in the treetops but in real life our little robin fledgling really seems to like singing while perched on our bird bath. I guess that he, like so many of us, likes singing in the shower.

An audience of other fledglings from the area gathers round to watch him sing. It's such fun developing each individual personality. We have the star struck one on the left who is totally caught up in the moment and eager not to miss a second of the performance. Secondly on the far right is the biggest fledgeling who I am afraid to say is a little full of himself. 'Oh of couse I could do that too you know' he says to his smaller brother who so wishes he was able to sing as beautifully but just hasn't been blessed with a melodic voice.

Transparent Watercolour 20 by 13 inches



  1. It's so nice! I love birds!!! I love your paint!!!