Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A penny for your thoughts

 Let's hope the meaning behind the saying 'A penny for your thoughts' doesn't die with the actual  penny that at least in Canada is being phased out. Keep that sense of wondering alive and keep collecting those pennies of thought. Your life will be much richer for it.

I thought you might like seeing a close up of the child's face in the painting. Bringing a portrait to life on the paper is a challenge as even a millimetre change to any of the main features can effect a likenes and alter an expression or emotion but it is so rewarding to do too.



  1. Thank you so much for the close up. Beautiful!


  2. WOW!! So, so beautiful. Another award winner! I appreciate the close-up. I just love the small detail and I can just imagine how small your brushes are. Do they have more than one hair?? I really wish I could watch you paint:(

  3. My small brushes are 004's I haven't counted the hairs (grin) Glad you like it Christelle :)