Thursday, May 15, 2014

When will I ever learn

I have been taking a quick break from watercolour to play with my pens again. Working in pen really trains you to look for the light and shade and plan because, as a medium, it is even less forgiving than watercolour. I have called this one 'When will I ever learn'

I think we have all felt like the chimp in my drawing for some reason. It might be because of life in general or something more specific... a project, a relationship, or something at work. You are full of hope thinking this time you will succeed, this time it will work, only to realise the hard way that you were wrong.

 When my children were younger we used to spend a lot of time at zoo's animal sanctuaries and wildlife parks because both of them loved watching the animals especially the apes and and monkeys. They have such wonderfully expressive faces with almost human like expressions at times. We used to sit and watch them for ages and I would tell my children a story about what they were thinking and why. This memory was my inspiration for this drawing. I wonder what story I would have created to tell them about this poor young chimp.

Pen and Ink 12.25 by 12 inches