Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Penny for your Thoughts WIP 1

  I love setting the scene with a background. I wanted a dreamy feel for this one with a suggestion of mist so that the actual location can be left almost completely to the viewers imagination. I have included a small penny in the background as the child I am going to paint has a very thoughtful far away expression... to quote the saying... its a penny for her thoughts. 

I have adjusted the photo above so its close to the actual colour of most of the background on the painting but unfortunately the camera did not pick up the coppery colour of the coin and refected copper colour on the rock. You will have to imagine this for now. I am hoping to use this coppery colour in the child's eyes and hair also so hopefully as I get more of the colour into the painting, the camera will pick it up more easily.

I also wanted to let you know that over the last few weeks I have been setting up an Ona Kingdon 'Emotive Expressions' facebook Fan page.

 On this page I have a selection of my paintings in various albums including one with all the Ted paintings in and another fun album of people with my paintings. Over the last few years several people have sent me photos when they have either seen them while on exhibition, have bought one of my paintings or have a magazine or book with one of my paintings in, and a calender where you can see where my paintings are or will be on exhibition. I thought it would be fun to put them all into one album and I am sure more photos will be added in the future. I have also added a calender so you can easily find out which paintings are going to be where for the big international and national shows and when I will have solo or group exhibitions locally or am painting in a public place where you can drop by and watch.

If you want to like the Ona Kingdon 'Emotive Expressions' facebook fan page click on this link  It is not intended to replace this blog but just to provide some of the information in a place that many people visit daily.



  1. love the misty feel to the background you have created.