Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Cover project WIP 1

I thought I would update you with my progress on the painting for the front and back cover of the publication that I am working on. I don't paint skies often but they are a lot of fun to create. I guess, for me, its a feeling of freedom, as I am not working to capture a likeness as I have to in my portrait work. The only restraints I had were to include 3 key colours that appear in the organisations logo (blue, green and yellow) in the painting which helped me form the basis of my colour palette.

I wanted to create a strong sense of light in the sky. Again it has to work as a 'whole' but also as two separate halves (the dividing line is right where the pine tree is in the middle of the painting). I also had to remember that the title text would be overalyed onto the sky section so had to keep key areas plain. I am really pleased with the effect created.

I have also just begun to create the distant hills  and will continue to work on this area and the trees  tomorrow. Its fun as the drawing begins to come to life.



  1. There is such a wonderful sense of light in the sky. Beautiful