Friday, January 10, 2014

Honouring the past, Shaping the Future

I am really happy to have finished this painting before next week when I have to go back into hospital for an operation. 

The title just seemed fitting for not only this painting but my life right now. Not only is this my first painting of the new year but I remember when I won my first ever international award in 2011 John Salminen telling me that he measured his progress and success in art in blocks of 5 years not individual awards. With the end of 2013 and the start of 2014, I have now just finished my first 5 years of painting in watercolour (It's been a great ride! ) Now I am just beginning my second block of 5 years. This painting therefore not only represents the blacksmith honouring tradition while forging a new creation but me honouring what I have learnt so far about watercolour and trying my best to put it into practice while looking ahead as I begin my next set of 5 years wondering where those years will take me not only in art but life. I wonder what I will be creating in the next 5 years? This is a good question to think about over the next few weeks when I know things are going to be tough.



  1. Lovely painting, Ona! You have achieved so much in the last five years and I can't wait to see your work in the next 5 years. I know it will be special. I will be thinking of you next week. You are an inspiration to so many people!


  2. Best wishes, Ona. You will do well. The painting is magnificent! I cannot imagine how your work could possibly get any better!

  3. You are in my prayers Ona for a speedy recovery.