Monday, August 19, 2013

Sold at Art in the Park

As part of the Richmond Hill studio Tour promotion I was asked to paint  at an official Park opening as part of an Art in the Park event. Its always lovely to meet and chat to the public about what we love doing.

I was painting the last in the current Ted series. It's technically not quite a miniature  if you include the painted in mat but the actual painting part is only 6.5 by 2.75 inches so its pretty small.

 I hadn't quite finished it by the end of the afternoon so brought it home and finished it yesterday morning. I promised several people that I would post it here so they could see the completed painting so here it is.

The legendry detective Furlock Holmes is busy investigating another crime scene where fine art has been appreciated a little too literally! Furlock uses his trusted magnifying glass to search for the smallest clue that might lead him to the cupcake tasting criminal. But while he is caught up in the fine details of the case, is he missing the bigger picture?

and yes, the painting is sold. One of the organisers fell in love with it as I was painting it at the park and has reserved it.