Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Progress

I've been working on the portrait section of the painting over the last few days. I still have the hair on the right side to finish and the final darkening washes to go over the whole area but I need to paint in the clothes first before I can do this as some of the hair falls over the top of his shirt.

Some of the colour matching isn't as accurate as I would like in the photo above especially with the skin tones and hair which is much darker in the actual painting but hopefully as I paint more it will get easier to photograph.

It was the focus in Paul's face when I was watching him demo at the TWSA celebration weekend in June that initially gave me the idea for the painting. I think his expression sums up, for me, the love that artists have in the creative process. We begin with an idea that only we as the artist can see in our minds and are so totally absorbed in its creation as we put paint to paper.