Saturday, August 10, 2013

More progress

Blogger seems to be doing strange things today. My post from yesterday seems to have disappeared and I've just got an e mail notification for another post I made months ago instead of the one below.  I guess gremlins are in the works. Apologies if you too got the wrong or an extra e mail or feeder notification.

 I thought I would share my progress today because I finally managed to get a half decent photo of the painting so far (Its a just a touch over saturated in the background).

Paul is now nearly complete. I just have a little bit more work on the hand and brush and some final overall value adjustments then I will be ready to begin work on the objects on the table and the actual section that Paul is painting.

 I'll post again once the painting is finished.



  1. I love the intensity of his expression as he paits. I cann see whay you were drawn to painting him.


  2. Yes Lilian, he was so focused as he was painting. Thanks for commenting.