Friday, April 26, 2013


Poor 'Caffeinate-Ted' is trying to study for his exams but he has left it all to the last minute! He is now desperately trying to stay awake and is resorting to coffee, chocolate and cookies to help keep those eyes open while he studies.

Will these desperate measures be enough for him to pass his exams in the morning? ... or will the caffeine fix wear off and sleep deprivation take over?

Transparent watercolour 25.5 inches by 16 inches on Arches 140lb cold press.



  1. I like the story and how you have made it on the painting. It gets more obvious with the clock behind him. Congratulations!

  2. This brings back many memories. It's beautiful, Ona! All your TED paintings are so special.

  3. I'm struggling to keep up, but I've been watching, picking up the tips, and enjoying your wonderful work

  4. Thank you John. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog