Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February's Tip of the Month!

 At some point  each month this spring I will share a useful tip and show you how I use this when painting. 

 A successful painting is really helped by careful planning of colour. Thought about warmth or coolness, complimentary versus analogous, and how to create the greys while keeping the palette consistent is very important. But even more important than colour is the planning and careful positioning of values in a painting. If you find this difficult to see just by looking at your painting you can take a photo of it and use the grey scale setting in a program such as photoshop. As a general rule you want the biggest contrasts in value to be at or next to your centre of interest (where you want the viewer to focus)You can use patterns in contrast in value to help lead the eye to your COI too.

Here is my work in progress today converted to grey scale. I still have a large section of the hair still to paint but I am pleased with how the values are working so far.

I promise to show you the colour version in a couple days once I have finished all the girls hair.



  1. It already looks like a photo. Amazing!!

  2. Ona, it is surely going to be an exquisite one. I thank you for giving us all some of your tips. I will be watching closely. :)

  3. Great tips about values and nice idea for the a blog feature! Your painting is looking beautiful.