Thursday, February 14, 2013


Urgent request..... please view this miniature painting before it is all gone!!!!

 This Tiny Ted really seemed to love my new miniature painting of some valentine cupcakes so I allowed him to get up real close (I innocently thought he wanted to look at all the detail) ... He seems to have been 'Tempt-Ted' to do a lot more than look though!!!

The actual painting of the valentine cup cakes is about 6.75" by 2.75" and  the whole painting including the tiny Ted and the painted mat is 9" by 5.25". It's painted in transparent watercolour.

For those of you, like Ted who want a closer look, here is a much larger than life close up of the cup cakes and part of Ted.



  1. You are so clever and humorous Ona!
    Debra Keirce
    Fine Artist

  2. Another delight to the senses Ona.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this painting! It's so, so sweet and touching and just melts one's heart. Your skill and artistry amaze me, Ona!

  4. Beautiful!! It looks like the same TED that was caught with the maple syrup. You have a TED with a sweet tooth, Ona! Remember to hide your Easter eggs. At this rate he might get chubbier with each painting:)

    Can I ask if you actually painted on the mat or did you paint the mat on the paper? Either way, it's beautifully done.

  5. I painted the mat on the paper Christelle :) he isnt the same Ted Christelle but a very good friend of his :)