Sunday, January 13, 2013

You are the sunshine of my life WIP 2

I have now completed the background and am well on the way with Steve. I still have some work to do on his glasses and a little tidying up to do and then I can begin painting Darlene's face. The colour match is not brilliant in this photo. Some of the golden browny yellows on his skin  have been lost but it gives you an idea.

I wanted that romantic sunny warm feel  for the background. It is fairly simple but the suggestion of the sun compositionally helps to create more balance and the colours of a sunset help to create that warm loving feel.

I have made a decision this year to add the writing above to all my on line images. A couple of artists including me have had our images posted in various places with no attributation. At least now anyone looking knows who owns the copyright whether the person posting our image credits us or not.



  1. I love seeing the stages you go through. Looks beautiful so far!

  2. This is astounding! How you capture every freckle is beyond my comprehension. I know I am not disciplined enought for such amazing work in watercolor. Wow!

  3. You are so amazing, Ona! One of these days maybe I can get some tutoring from you.

  4. It does take time Carol but its fun watching the person appear out of the paper.

    Yes I do tutoring so just get in touch with me if you are interested anytime.