Saturday, January 26, 2013

Incriminate-Ted WIP 2

I so totally admire those artists that paint a lot of glass. Painting the jar with all its reflections, refractions and sticky maple syrup was quite the challenge.

Now I can begin the culprit. I wonder what his statement to the police would be?



  1. Oh my... that glass Jar is simply wonderous!

  2. Thank you all for your amazing ideas for statements. Here are just a couple that have been sent to me by e mail or posted on facebook.

    "Wait a minute now---HOLD ON
    This is just a "gift" from my BFF Winnie-you know him he's Robin's best friend and MY BEST FREIND-last year he sent me a roll of CHARMIN for my birthday and then this arrived from the US. He said I could use it as a bedpan but...darned if it aint too prettie." Mary Sonya Conti

    Step back Flatfoot, you got the wrong culprit here! I’m Humphrey Beargart, the famous TI (Ted Investigator) ! I’m hot on the trail of a criminal mastermind who I believe is the Big Bear behind this whole sticky mess! Along with my counterpart in the UK, a Mr Bearlock Holmes, (who is very well known to Scotland Yard), we are on the verge of breaking a huge worldwide ring of desperate criminals with an incredible sweet tooth!! Another of my compatriots, the famous Hercule Bearo, the Belgian Waffle expert who’s solved many crimes as well, we anticipated the mapleheist and knew if we kept hot on their trail we might get them to make one fatal mistake! Unfortunately in my haste to catch them maple handed…I find myself in this sticky predicament! Hap Newsom

    aren't they good :)