Thursday, November 1, 2012

Re Unite-Ted WIP 3

I have really enjoyed bringing this old man's face to life on the paper. He has such an infectious smile. I have a little bit of hair left to paint behind his ear but as this section falls over the top of his shirt I will paint that in first. I'm so keen to paint the long lost and well loved teddy but I'm going to be good and finish the clothing first.

So how many of you have kept your childhood teddy bears or had them safely kept for you? My grandmother looked after mine after I left home and gave them to me before I moved to Canada. There is a lovely story attached to them. My Nana as I used to call her gave me one when I was about one year old but secretly she had bought two. The idea was that when one got dirty she could swap it for the other so I wouldnt be upset when it needed to be washed. One day, when I was about 2 my grandmother opened her cupboard and I saw the other Teddy peaking out. I was so delighted that she had a teddy just like mine and explained that they really ought to be friends. From then on I had two bears and they went everywhere with me :)



  1. so heart warming. Love the idea. I had to give my teddy to my younger sister when I was 12


  2. 23 1 sibilard
    I wish I knew how you do what you do so I could attempt to do what you do so well!!

    I have a 48 year old Wendy Boston Ted called Droopy Drawers :P

  3. I understand your excitement as you wait to "meet" the teddy in person!

    Your painting is lovely!! lisa

  4. Thank you all :)
    I love the name Pene. How did you think of that?
    Aww thats Sad Margaret. At least you have your memories