Sunday, October 28, 2012

Re Unite-Ted WIP 2

What better way could there be to spend a cold, windy, rainy day than creating such a happy smiling face. He lifts my spirits on this gloomy day and makes me smile back at him as I bring his features to life on the paper. 
 I secretly think the brush tickles his nose and thats why he is grinning at me. I know... my imagination gets carried away sometimes.
 I still have a long way to go shaping his face but I couldn't resist sharing his smile with you today. 


  1. I can feel his character coming through Ona :)

  2. I can tell you derive much joy from your painting, Ona. How awesome is that!

  3. yes, I do love painting. Its so relaxing and absorbing. Thank you both

  4. I feel that I know him!

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you John. He does have a friendly smile doesn't he