Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let's face it...Life's a puzzle!

 Life can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes, especially when you are young :)

I have been asked to do a demo early next month on portraiture.  I only have  an hour and a half for the demo so rather than rush through everything I am going to focus on eyes as they really are the key to a successful portrait.

I painted this small fun painting last week while show sitting at the exhibition to illustrate how eyes really help to convey emotion and tell a story even when the rest of the face is obscured. I wanted to capture that slightly bewildered look in the young child's eyes.  I added the puzzle pieces to demonstrate how you can even take a simple exercise such as painting eyes and make it into a fun and meaningful piece of art with a little imagination :)



  1. That is so cute. I bet you will have a wonderful time.

  2. Hello Ona:) What an original and beautiful painting. Wonderful as always!

  3. I just love puns ... but a visual & written one together, a bit special. I've only just stopped smiling over the bookworm!

    I love your eye for the unusual and the way you capture it.