Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dis orienta-Ted WIP 3

I've now finished the background and just have the girl, poor Disorienta-Ted and his hat which, from this way around, is falling away to the right hand side of the painting, left to paint.

Can you find the other confused Ted's hiding in the background? I promise I will post some closeups once the painting is finished to make it easier to see all the fun elements :)



  1. Oh Oh I spotted one.... hanging from one of the legs of the bench. Awesome composition!


  2. Ona, this is just incredible - my brain is discombobula-ted viewing this ;-)

  3. Hello Ona:) I think I see also one at the lower window on the right side near the paper Lantern. Mostly I've got a nose for Teddys:) Anyway .... it is again a beautiful painting!

  4. Mary Lou :)

    yes Renate, that is one of the tiny Ted's. Well done for spotting him :)