Thursday, August 9, 2012

Woodcarver WIP 1

It's a dull damp day today but when you paint you can transport yourself to any world so it doesn't really matter. I am using another photo that I took at the pioneer village as my main reference for this next painting. I've made a couple of alterations and additions though to help me convey 'my story'.

I have masked my two main subjects while a paint the background. Yes, I do get through a lot of masking fluid doing this but it applying it allows me to focus on the background without having to worry about preserving any key whites on my subjects because sure as anything if i don't a splatter of paint will fall on just the wrong spot :)

As you can see I have finished about half of the background. I decided to keep it fairly true to the reference in content as the old style workshop will help create the atmosphere I am aiming for but I have altered the colour palette and am using the quin golds, burnt orange and transparent brown oxide glazed with layers of indanthrene blue to create the darks.

Can you guess what the woodcarver is making?



  1. you have such a wonderful ability to create atmosphere Ona.


  2. Another winner in the making Ona!!!
    I do the same with masking fluid too. :) One thing I have learnt, I never bother with any of the detail drawing on the masked pieces because it always comes off when I remove the fluid lol

  3. Woot!!!!! I am on the edge of my seat!! :-D

  4. The detail in the background is really good and I see why you use the masking fluid it works really well.I guess he is making arms for Ted ?

  5. Thank you all :)

    if you apply the MF thickly Pene you can just peel it off. It doesn't lift off the pencil marks as much then.

    yes Roger, he is making the last arm for the Ted :)