Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fitting a whole load of emotion into a teeny tiny space

Now.... I just LOVE a challenge :) 

A few of my friends (Mary Jansen, Deb Keirce, and Ellie Sethman) who all do exquisite miniatures have been trying to persuade me to do a miniature too.... 

I know... this is a major difference to my usual full sheet paintings which are about 22 by 30 inches on average... 

So my challenge is.... can I fit a whole load of emotion into a teeny tiny space???.... I'm thinking about 5 by 2.8 inches  because you should all know me by now... I love to depict the emotions of life through my paintings....

I've been working on my idea today.... I hope I don't end up feeling Restric-Ted like my bear did when I squeezed him into a box this morning so I could sketch out my outline (grin)  :)

well... my Ted's just had to help me celebrate attempting my first ever miniature didnt they... I think  Ted thinks Miniatures are a little on the small size  to fit his chubby self in though :)



  1. What a fabulous subject for your first miniature! I LOVE it!!!!


  2. Seeing what you do with this is going to be so much fun. :)

  3. A mini Masterpiece in the making!!!!

  4. This is going to be so great. I can't wait to see this done. As for expression don't you worry we already can see it.

  5. Hello Ona:) What an idea to put your Teddy in a box. (poor Teddy, give him some rest so now and then, will you?) I'm sure this is going to be a lovely little painting!

  6. grin... Ok i'll let him have a rest to stretch his paws now and again :)