Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Having fun with teddies WIP

I'm being very slow with this painting. It took me a while to decide on the 'feel' of the piece. I began by exploring the idea of teenage teddies trying out alchohol for the first time but the idea just didn't feel right so I finally decided on two more mature teddies in a gentleman's club type atmosphere. I decided to add in some books and create some smoky atmospheric type lighting to help set the scene.

I'm now working on the Teddies themselves. The bear on the left 'Intoxica-Ted' is almost finished so this felt a good point to stop for today and share with you all. It's not the best photo but it will hopefully give you an idea.



  1. I love the atmosphere. even the colors help to create that feel you were talking about. You have a wonderful sense of humor too. Melissa

  2. Looking good! You do such a wonderful job on the fur.

  3. Another brilliant work in the making Ona :)

  4. Ona, oh my goodness this is going to be another so so stunning piece of art. You have definitely found your niche my friend. It's already so beautiful. I love the feeling we get when we look at it.

    Bravo for such wonderful work and your courage to keep going. xxxxxx