Friday, July 13, 2012

Chapter Two... Making Eye Contact!

When I start a portrait I almost always begin with the eyes. It just helps me 'get in the mood' of the portrait and I do like them 'looking' while I paint :)

Often the eyes are very small in a portrait but in this one I have plenty of room to develop them. I like to take my time when painting the eyes  and will often have long gaps in painting while I just look at what I have done and work out whether I need to make adjustments.I don't usually put in the eye lashes until later but I needed to really get a feel for the eye direction so this time I have added them in lightly at this early stage.

It was especially important for these eyes that I get them focusing down at the worm. Its amazing how the direction of sight can change when the pupil is even just a millimetre too far left or right or up or down so you just have to keep working away at it until you get it right.

At last.... two eyes looking at one worm, or at least looking at the space where the worm will be :)

Next  I will work on developing the rest of the facial features.



  1. It's taken me a week to get my eyes done and I'm still not happy lol

  2. just be patient Pene... you will get there. I often take a photo and put it on my computer screen... this for some reason helps me see where the errors are more easily :)

  3. That's a great idea Ona. I always start with the eyes because if I can't get those right there is no point carrying on. Teeth have to be so exact too....
    You eyes are ' looking' great Ona :)