Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chapter 5... Being Watched

I've finally finished the hair and now I'm being carefully and wickedly scrutinized as I paint the remainder of the painting. I thought you would like to see the view I have as I paint.

It's a fun viewpoint, isn't it :)

It makes me realise that this painting is definitely one that is best viewed up on the wall. I guess when it is hung slightly above us it just helps to exagerate the unsual perspective and makes you feel that you are looking up at him as he looks down at the worm. Play with this image below and you will see what I mean.  Look at it straight on to the screen and then lower yourself ever so slightly (or raise the screen if you have a laptop) as if you are looking at the painting on the wall.



  1. I am completely amazed by your talent! It's awe inspiring!

  2. I second what Angela said :)

  3. I watched you on Wetcanvas and just recently found your blog. Yours is the first blog that I have gone completely through.
    You are such an inspiration and your talent is amazing!


  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it Sandra. Good to see you here :)