Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chapter 4 Hair today.... more hair tomorrow

I've now finished what I would call the background of this painting. Truthfully, there is no real background because the painting is so close into the subject but I am treating his clothes as the background so have deliberately added very little detail and used wet on wet to develop an out of focus look to any slight suggestion of texture and shape that I have added. I also decided to keep the colour neutral but at the same time chose a colour that was complimentary to his face to really make his wonderful expression pop and be the focus. It should also help to make the bird and worm stand out too.

I am now beginning to work on the hair. It's not a quick process but I want to add in the detail here because it does add to the character of the piece and also helps to reinforce the lighting direction.



  1. Oh WOW!!!!


  2. Looking fantastic as usual. I always struggle painting hair! I'm a trained hairdresser too lol. Ex. Auckland Cut n blow wave champ.

    Lady P

  3. Thank you Kathy.

    LOL Pene, Just don't take any scissors to your painting :)

  4. I love his expression. I can't wait to see the outcome. I bet it would look lovely if you have finish his hair.ibgRe