Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bookworm.... Chapter 1

....Since this painting is a fun one based around the theme of books it seems only right that each WIP  post is a different chapter in the painting's story. So here is...Chapter 1

The idea for this painting began a couple of months ago when I was looking through photos of Alex for the 'Time Warp' painting. I came across a very funny one focusing in on his face which I knew immediately was a painting in itself.

 In the actual photo he was posing with a new book. The humour and mischief was just brimming out of his eyes and his quirky smile just made me laugh. I loved the photo but it was very much a snap shot with distractions in the background and not very good lighting so I decided to accentuate the lighting and focus in on his face and down to what he was looking at.

This photo of me putting the finishing touches to my drawing and the title of this post will hopefully give you an idea of what is coming out of the book :)

Its drawn out on a full sheet and Alex's face, being a big section of the composition, is much larger than life so this should be a lot of fun to do :)

I Hope this first chapter has got you hooked  and you will want to follow along :)