Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Meh' wins award in PWS member exhibition!

I had notification yesterday evening to say that my painting 'Meh!' has won an Honorable Mention and a $75 award in the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society  members exhibition.

The juror commented

"Remarkable rendering! The delightful expression on the child's face makes me smile. The detail and delicate values used are wonderful."

You can see the on line exhibit by clicking on this link  There are some amazing paintings in the on line gallery  so I'm very proud and pleased to be selected for one of the 10 awards 



  1. Congratulations! I'm not surprised at all this painting is all about success. It's really stunning and so expressive.

  2. Thank you Christiane :) Alex is such fun to paint.

  3. great work with nice expression...

  4. Congratulations Ona and thank you for posting the exhibit... you're right, there are some extraordinary artists in that exhibit.

  5. Thank you all and thank you too all those that have emailed too. Yes Shirely there are some amazing artists who are members of PWS