Monday, February 6, 2012

Interes-Ted WIP 1

Yes, I'm still on the theme of teddies :) I have a whole selection of ideas  to paint  so expect to see several on a teddy theme scattered throughout the year. This is another 'feel good' family orientated one that I hope will be a popular locally.

The idea for this painting began when I found a snapshot of my son when he was a lot younger sat by a window reading a book. I loved the effect of the sun light pouring in from the window behind.

The actual window behind him though was a little modern for the atmosphere I wanted to create in my painting and the rest of the background pretty distracting. I wanted more of an oldy worldy feel so I looked through my photo libaray and found this photo of a window. The shelf would need to be emptied but I liked the style of window.

The lighting direction would also need to be changed a little but the window had the right feel for the effect I wanted.

I also decided to mirror the squares of the window and create some warm wooden panelling on the wall instead of the colder feel of the stone and then add in a window seat below for my child to sit on.

Then I chose another of Rebecca's  teddies  and took some photos of him as if he were  sat beside the child looking across at the book...It was hard work getting him to sit in position so I needed to hold him in place as I took the photo. I will need to develop his character a little more as I paint him but at least this photo gave me the basics to draw an outline from.

 Using multiple photos to create an idea can be a challenge as it is unlikely you will get both lighting and perspective correct in all the photos but with a little adaptation you can get a much more pleasing composition.

The background is now completed on my painting. I stuck to a very limited palette and mirrored the colours used for the interior wood for the view outside as I didn't want it to be distracting but at the same time felt it needed something. I have now removed the masking which was protecting the child and teddy off so I am  ready begin working on the interested child and the Interes-Ted...



  1. Oh wow! I just love the effect of the light streaming in through the window. Kath

  2. Such a wonderful subject and how clever you are Ona :)

  3. oh my goodness I am in awe of yopur talent, I just found you today and I will enjoy following your beautiful work!

  4. It looks like it will be a great painting,I use a similar method of painting, by using different photos to create a new and unique composition,but as you mentioned it also has its challenges.

  5. Thank you Laurie

    Roger, yes, it can be a challenge but its also a lot of fun and makes an idea that is so much more 'you' even if you take all the ref photo's yourself as I did. When I'm out and about I'm always snapping away taking photos of things, Not as whole photos but just to remember the light on a certain object, person or building or the way the mist lays,the sky at sunrise or beautiful cloud formations or as in this case a window I liked. You then build up a large selection of your own refs you can use.