Monday, January 2, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

During the last few days of any year it seems like everwhere you turn people and news channels are reflecting on life and events. This got me thinking and I decided it would be a fun idea to explore in a painting. I liked the idea too of playing on the double meaning of 'reflect' so from here I began to play with mirrors.

 It takes me a while to formulate the image of what I want to create in my mind. I'm a pretty visual/ tactle learner so I like to explore and try ideas first hand to investigate possibilities especially when it involves scientific things like angles of reflections!

James, my trusty photographer, was waiting patiently while I was doing this and decided to have some fun while he waited. I thought you would enjoy seeing me in action in the very intial stages of an idea before I even put pencil to paper  ... and yes I'm lying on the  floor as this was the easist place to safely position two big mirrors. What a lot of Ona's there are !!!!

Luckily I won't be in my painting. My subject matter will actually be the teddy.

But why a Teddy???...I promise that I will explain this in my next post but for now I wanted to say that while I was playing with the teddy and mirrors another idea for a painting popped into my mind.... this happens sometimes... one thing leads to another.... so we decided to take both reference shots in the same photographic session. A very productive day :)



  1. This looks fascinating. I so love the teddy one you did last year. Really looking forward to seeing what you have planned this time.