Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spinning a Tale

I have really enjoyed painting larger and am going to do more this size. It just has much more impact visually. It was also fun to creally develop the lighting effect in this painting, light against dark and dark against light to really make the key areas pop.

The spinner woman is  not only busily spinning the freshly sheared wool but also spinning her tale of life in the pioneer times. Every spring the wool would be sheared, collected, cleaned then brought inside and spun into wool to be made into clothing and blankets to keep the families warm during the cold harsh winters. Each piece of yarn that the woman spins holds this tale deep within it... it's woven into the fabric of time.

 Here is a close up of the woman. I had a lot of fun not only developing her warm welcoming and chattery personality but also the moving parts of the wheel as it wound the newly spun wool onto the bobbin.

I hope you have enjoyed watching over the last couple of weeks as her tale has unfolded. Thanks for the company.



  1. WOW Ona, it's a fantastic painting.

  2. Great painting,I like the hidden sheep and person in the background,all part of her story.

  3. Ona, this is just amazing. Even my husband (who's no artist) is in awe of your beautiful work of art.
    Carol B.

  4. A truly beautiful finish, Ona. Thanks so much for sharing with us.