Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CWA acceptance and PPWS painting ready to ship!

I received some great news yesterday. My painting of Alexander when he was younger with his 'magical' car Chitty, has been accepted into the California Watercolor Asoociation 42nd National Exhibition Water+Color.

The exhibition takes place in September but the painting needs to be in California in less than a month! I wonder why so soon? Luckily I have the frame for it already so its just a case of cutting a mat and the plexi glass.

I also have to take my painting of Grandpa "Finishing Touches" to UPS today to be shipped to Colorado. Our family is becoming well travelled.... well at least the paintings of them are (smile). I use U line delux art shippers to send the paintings to the exhibitions.  Here it is in its box. safe travels Grandpa!



  1. How wonderful, Ona. Hope you bring home the big prize(s).

  2. Congratulations! A wonderful painting!