Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here is my latest painting. The painting is based on a photo that I took last summer at the Canadian International Airshow. My son was volunteering there so we were given free VIP tickets. Watching the planes was great but people watching for me was even more fun.

I wanted to capture both the airshow and the people in a painting because to me this symbolizes the whole essance of an airshow...It is no good having the spectacle of the airshow itself set against the dramatic backdrop of the Toronto skyline without the people watching it. 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Art Cure Exhibition Acceptance!

I had some more good news this morning. Both of the paintings that I entered in the Art Cure Exhibition which will take place in Aurora during  next couple of weeks have been accepted. The 2011 Art Cure Exhibition will be held at Aurora Cultural Centre, 22 Church Street, Aurora from June 18-26th. The theme of the show is exploring art as an instrument of Healing. This is a show which includes all mediums of art work. The two paintings that I have had accepted are 'When you need a friend' and 'Guardian of Ra'. If you would like to see these and the other paintings that will be in the exhibition click here.
  I have also finished the second commission that I have been working on. I was commissioned to paint this to mark the welcoming of the girl in the painting, who has been adopted, into the family. So here she is with her new brother. My clients wanted a fairly formal studio look background to the painting with a slightly informal feel with the boys arm around the girl. Apparently he is a bit mischeivious so I tried to put a twinkle in his eye. The girl is full of life and is always ready to say hi to anyone. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CWA acceptance and PPWS painting ready to ship!

I received some great news yesterday. My painting of Alexander when he was younger with his 'magical' car Chitty, has been accepted into the California Watercolor Asoociation 42nd National Exhibition Water+Color.

The exhibition takes place in September but the painting needs to be in California in less than a month! I wonder why so soon? Luckily I have the frame for it already so its just a case of cutting a mat and the plexi glass.

I also have to take my painting of Grandpa "Finishing Touches" to UPS today to be shipped to Colorado. Our family is becoming well travelled.... well at least the paintings of them are (smile). I use U line delux art shippers to send the paintings to the exhibitions.  Here it is in its box. safe travels Grandpa!