Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It`s an upside down world!

With the background completed I began painting the  car reflections on the table today working upsidedown (the painting that is not me). It was easier this way to see where and what everything was. It`s a weird angle but makes much more sense especially when I havent yet painted the real car to put the reflection into some sort of perspective. In fact both Alex and the car are hidden under layers of making tape and fluid to keep the paper clean while I finish the reflections and then paint the table.

I thought, for some fun, I`d show you my progress on the painting as I have been staring at it all day.  Yes...Upsidedown!!!

I will paint in Alexander`s reflection next and then use glazing to finish the table while helping to soften the reflections. Then I can turn the painting the right way up again.



  1. That background is just so awesome. How do you achieve such a smooth effect


  2. I do so wish I was able to have yourself and Char as teachers. There really doesn't see to be terribly much available here.
    The original teacher I had, was a reasonably good artist but definitely not a teacher. The term was 8 weeks, 2 hours per week, at the beginning of term she would give us a sleeve with 4 paintings in it. We were to draw them up and paint them, very rarely were there any real instruction. The advertisement was that it was a beginners class in Watercolours, it was more of a friendly make friends session.
    These classes were run at our local leisure centre. The next person who was to reach the class was a lot more helpful because he actually went through, your equipment, the colour wheel and all the various things you can do with Watercolours. The girls who had been going to it when it had been the other teacher branched off and set up their own sessions using whatever medium you wished, but I think it actually became more of a chat session than a painting session.
    I attended this other teacher for about 2 years, but it got to stage where he said he couldn't really teach me anything else ( I do however have on aweful lot to learn and have been doing so on WC). The main reason I continued to go was it gave me the incentive to paint every week. When I went to book at the beginning of last year, the centre said it was no longer running it as there were not enough people ( you see we generally had a group of 5 to 6 people which I think was a perfect number). And it goes on .......

    Ona, I will drop you an e-mail in the next few days.
    Lots of Love Carolynn xx

  3. Brenda, The background is just painted with a series of wet on wet washes,tipping and turning the board whiclst wet until I achieve the effect I want. It's fun to do but so hard to photograph. The camera just seems to latch onto one colour and invairably its one of the undeprinning colours and not the one that really dominates in the painting itself.

    Carolynn, Thanks for your message. It's sad that you cannot find any local group to paint with. Maybe one day I'll come over to Aus and teach workshops. I'll have to win the lottery first though.