Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang WIP2

I can't decide whether I am happy with this so far or not. I guess I'll just press on and see how it turns out.

 I have used the same sequence of glazes to create the table top as I used for the background. The 7 or so layers of glazing were applied wet on wet over the reflection detail. This helped to soften the reflections, flatten them slightly and unify them with the table.

Because of the amount of glazing its very hard to get an accurate photo. As usual the camera just seems to latch onto one of the colours used and a lot of photoshopping is needed to get the photo looking even remotely like what the painting looks like in real life. This is the best I can do at this stage. The background is more like the photo in my last post and there is a little more warmth in the table.