Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grandpa WIP 4

I tried so hard to get a more accurate colour balance in the photo for you this evening but the camera really doesn't like this painting :(  Does anyone else have this colour balance problem when they take a photo of a painting in which they have used mutliple glazes in watercolour?Try to imagine the background a more dark greeny yellow as in my last photo. I just couldnt get it looking the same as the painting this time without turning Grandpa a very strange colour and I thought it was better to have him looking ok.
Today I painted Grandpa's trousers. It took 10 glazes in all to get the depth of shadow effect that I wanted so that his back leg merged into the background at the bottom. I've also painted in the back half of his oil can. This looks a little dark at the moment. Its hard to get correct values against the bright white of the paper. I might need to lighten it a little but I do want this area to have the highest contrast so that it draws our eye from his face down to his hands and the engine so I will leave it as it is for now and adjust if necessary later.
 Tomorrow I will begin the engine.


  1. Oh my!!! He is just coming out of the screen. AMAZING!!!


  2. Looking great, Ona!! ;)
    Love the folds on the many glazes are there?

    Re taking a you have the flash enabled? I never use the flash when taking pics of my paintings, as it causes the light areas to "white out" thus causing the colours to fade.

    Good luck with rendering the engine! :P :D

  3. Thank you Claire.

    Ree, There were about 6 glazes on the jacket originally using UM blue, perelyne maroon, sepia, indigo, and raw umber. Then I added a couple more on the shadowy areas to get a deeper tone. Regarding the photo's it doesnt matter if I use flash or not. I still have huge problems colour balancing when I use multiple glazes in the backgrounds. The only way to really do it accurately is by using multiple layers in photoshop but that takes ages. Mind you I think I spent just as long yesterday evening trying with just the one layer. Ho Hum!!!! Thanks for your support.


  4. Well Ona, all those glazes are really paying off...wonderful work! ;)

    I don't have Photoshop but I do have a program call Photo Studio and it's more than enough for me to figure out! ;)