Sunday, January 9, 2011

Portrait WIP 3

Its been interesting having Alexander's face looking at me as I painted today. It felt almost as if he was inspecting every stroke of the paintbrush hurrying me along so he could have eye lashes eye brows and facial hair. Nothing like having an audience!  I've also begun working on his clothing but there is still a way to go on the left side.

 I've included a close up of the face section below. I still have some minor adjustments to make but its almost there . His expression is just priceless isnt it! I wonder what he is saying to us now?



  1. Ona this is looking great! I am still working on my attempt at portraits, but I have a very LONG way to go~ I will continue to observe your fabulous work! TFS~

  2. Thanks Jeanne and keep working on your portraits.

  3. What a great face! I look forward to seeing the finish.