Saturday, January 8, 2011

Portrait WIP 2

Its amazing how many colours you can see on skin that is created by shadows and tricks of the light. Have a look when you have a spare moment sometime. Watercolour is just pure magic for capturing these subtleties of shadow colour that just bring a face to life.

I took a photo of the underpinning just  before I began to add the glazes of skin over the top so you could see the range of colours that I used in this one.

 Then I added about 7 very pale glazes to build up the skin tones and at the same time softening the underpinning beneath. He is looking much more healthy now, but much too tidy.

I need to work on accentuating the detailing around the eyes now and then adding in the eyebrows, eye lashes and facial hair. I also need some fine tuning to the highlights but thats for another day.



  1. Oh my goodness, the skin tones are just to die for and those colours underneath bring the whole face to life. Awesome!!!


  2. Thanks Barb and Tim. It certainly is a magical stage when you add in the skin tones.