Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love is like a glass rose WIP 1

It's been slow going glazing in the washes for the background. James took some photos of me this morning as I was doing the final couple of glazes. You don't often get to see me in action (I'm a bit camera shy) but they give you a good idea of the size of the painting.

I don't really paint at this angle. James was just having some fun.

This afternoon I have been on the shadows cast by the broken rose on the background helping to ground the rose without needing to add any extraneous table details.

I'm pleased with the simple uncluttered look that this gives. It should set the broken rose off nicely.



  1. nice photos and nice work...
    you are going to give color to the rose?

  2. Looking good. Love that background glaze.!!

  3. Thanks JJ, it's a tough background to photograph. The light shining through on the computer shows up every little mark. It looks much smoother IRL.

    The rose is frosted/clear glass so will be the same colours just more variety in tonal value.